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Low Income Health Plans

If your household is considered to be low-income, you shouldn’t hold off on getting health insurance. There are options available for low-income families. One of your options is to get a discount health plan; this is an option that gives you a discount card for doctor visits and prescription drugs. For the dental discount card, it is about $19.95 per month and will cover orthodontic, vision and chiropractic services. Basic Health discount cards are also available for around $29.95 per month and will give you discounted rates for doctor visits, physical therapy, diabetic supplies, MRIs, mammograms and lab procedures.

You can also get hearing aids, mental health services and more with the Basic Health discount card. Other options include Total Health and Total Health Plus.

Another option for low-income households is to go with an HMO health plan. With this, you will have a low flat-rate monthly premium and will have the option of choosing a primary care physician within the health insurance provider’s network. You are only allowed to receive health care from your primary care physician. If you decide to get health care from a specialist that wasn’t referred to you by your primary provider, then you will be responsible for the expenses incurred.

A PPO, Preferred Provider Organization, is similar to an HMO, but it isn’t required of you to use an in-network physician. You can also see a specialist that wasn’t a referral from your physician. A partial reimbursement will be made for the expenses incurred while using an out-of-network physician.

To get a combination of both, HMO and PPO, you can get a POS, Point-of-Service health plan. This allows you to choose between the two whenever you are getting a medical attention.

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